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¿What does it consist of?

The adventure begins at Los Organos port where you will be welcomed and assisted by our local guides.  During an incredible boat trip you will learn about the diverse marine life that is possible to observe.  You will see dolphins swimming and making playful jumps on a very short distance.  Also you will have the opportunity to see the curious sea lions and turtles as well as the blue footed boobies and earwigs. Once you see the humpback whales you can feel the great emotion that these prevailing mammals arouse.   Jumps, kicks and even the first games of the young whales under the watchful eye of their mothers promise to shake the observers by showing one of the most unique wonders of nature. Part of the experience is to be able to hear the sound emitted by the whales since inside the boat that will have a hydrophone that records and allows you to listen to their fascinating song live. 

¿What includes?



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