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Visiting this archaeological complex is like to travel back in the past of the Inca culture. This is one of the most important constructions in the Inca Empire.  You will be marveled with its extraordinary architectural technique which you can appreciate in its valuable wall.  It also has aqueducts and underground tombs.  The ancient inhabitants built this site in different phases, the first one during Inca Wiracocha reign in 1439; the second one was ordered by Inca Pachacutec in 1471 and it was finished by Inca Tupac Yupanqui between 1471 and 1493.  Archaeologists have divided this site in five sectors: Wiracocha Temple, the Mayor Inca Temple, the Statue, the Precinct and the Colcas, besides an artificial water reservoir and the Usno. It has an extension of 1,097 hectares and is located 117 km South of Cusco.

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