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We will learn how the Quechua engineers did their constructions close to the hills and on the right bank of the Pisco river on Peruvian coast. Tambo Colorado,, known as Pucallacta o Pucahuasi (puca=red in quechua), is a well-preserved Inca adobe complex divided in three big areas: North, Center and South, separated by the road that goes down from the mountains to the coast, around a large central plaza; this plaza is shaped like a trapezoid and has an ushno which is a small platform from where the Inca leaded the most important festivities of Tahuantinsuyo,  The complex has reservoirs, houses and a main building known as The Fortress. The ambiences in Tambo Colorado are differentiated according to their purpose as they were intended for the permanent accommodation of administrative officials, the space required by the chasquis or foot messengers (young runners) and the accommodation of a military contingent 

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