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Visit the Archaeological Larco Museum which houses 45,000 piezas de arte Pre-Colombino, distributed in different exhibition rooms : Peruvian Culture room, a chronology-based gallery that provides a comprehensive view of cultures that existed in North coast, Central Coast, South Coast and the Andean region. The Textile room exhibiting textiles made of cotton and wool from cultures Paracas, Chimu, Nazca, Wari, Chancay and Lambayeque. Sacrifice Room from Mochica culture which explains ritual battles where the loser was sacrificed. Metal Gallery which exhibits pieces of gold, silver and copper; there are also copper knifes, stone pieces, musical instruments, funeral bundies and jewelry like gold and silver earings, rings, bracelets, pectorals of snail, quartz, turquoise, amethyst and spondylus, gold and silver crowns, etc.  The museum counts also with a storage with classified archaeological objects by different themes like flora, fauna, religion, diseases, etc.  And finally, the Gallery of Erotic pottery displaying a selection of pre-Columbian objects on sexual representations.

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