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¿What does it consist of?

We will visit the Archeological site of Kuelap located on a natural rocky elevation at 3000 masl.  The imposing Kuelap circular fortress is surrounded by a stunning wall almost impenetrable that rises from 5,5 to 11.5 meters high. It is oriented from North to South and it is one of the most important architectural vestiges of the Chachapoyas Culture. The citadel measures about 584 m long and an average of 110 m in the widest part, occupying an approximate total of 6 hectares. This citadel is surrounded by a perimeter wall that varies between 10 and 20 meters high. It has three entrances: two to the East and one to the West near the cliff. In the Southwest sector of the citadel, there is a structure named Tintero which is 5,5 meters high and  has an inverted cone shape, nowadays it is known as the Templo Mayor where most important ceremonial rituals were performed. To the northwest, there is a sector known as Pueblo Alto with a wall 11.5 meters high holding a platform accessed by two narrow and winding entrances; in the extreme north of Pueblo Alto, it raises another platform, whose wall reaches 7 meters high and is called Torreon. Many carved stones in high relief with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and geometric designs have been recorded in this citadel , mostly of them located at Templo Mayor. Lunch is included at Maria town.

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