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┬┐What does it consist of?

This tour takes us to the Karajia Sarcophagi located at 2700 masl; they are part of the Archaeological Complex of Chipuric. It has 6 Purunmachos (ancient father in Quechua) that are pre-Inca sarcophagus type tombs of anthropomorphic shape with human features with elongated jaw.  The sarcophagi are almost 2,5 meters high.  In this archaeological site we will find around 14 Purunmachos. Each sarcophagus has a different color, the lines indicate the shape of the eyes, the mouth and in some cases even the clothing and gender. The head is crowned by a headdress or trophy skull. In each sarcophagus there was a mummy in a fetal position wrapped with cotton blankets forming a bundle and tied with reed or cabuya ropes to later be placed on deerskin facing forward. Usually, ceramics and diverse objects were accompanying the deceased as gifts because, according to the belief of that time, these objects accompany the soul on its journey to the beyond.

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