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This island is located on Lake Titicaca.  It is circular and about 9.28km2 (3.58sqmi) in size and it is the biggest island in the Peruvian part of the lake.  Its maximum height at the top of Llacastiti mountain is 4150 masl.  Its population is about 400 families.  The population of Amantani includes approximately 400 families, distributed in its 10 communities. Their main means of subsistence is the agricultural activity; they produce potatoes, quinoa, barley and beans;  bovines and cattle stand out in livestock activity.  Similar to the Taquileños, the inhabitants of Amantani are also known for their textiles, as well as their ceramics. Due to the granite stone that is found at llacastiti Mountain, they have developed another activity which is cutting and carving utensils for everyday use and for decorative elements in construction. Amantani is an organization based on the relationship and reciprocity of land parcels work of family ownership.

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